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Chess comes from life, but also contains the way of life

- Nov 08, 2017 -

"Chess comes from life and has a close relationship with work, study, self-cultivation, and man's service." When it comes to the impact of chess on his own, Chen Zhongfu's elders are flying high. He believes that the basic strategy of chess should pay attention to "the three children go hand in hand," which reflects the real life should try to avoid being alone and individual heroism, both in school and in the workplace, should have a team spirit, Know how to unite people around you and gather the wisdom and strength of everyone.

"Do not be a big loss, but to consider the overall situation ... ..." Chen Zhongfu said chess also just as you have to experience the pros and cons in your life choice, every step must be carefully considered, when the situation Forcing you to retreat, you should make the necessary abandonment, the same in life, and sometimes relax the concession, the unexpected gains are a brighter future.

In addition, even in a situation of further disadvantage, we should insist on giving up and strive to find an opportunity to defeat ourselves. On the contrary, we should not neglect to defend ourselves even if the winning coupons are held. "Extends to life, which confirms the most basic 'win not arrogant, lost defeat' truth ..." Chen Zhongfu said.