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Hangzhou Asian Games venues started construction chess chess chess again into the Asian Games

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Recently, the 1922 Asian Games in Hangzhou City Hall and facilities construction action meeting cum Asian Games venues started in Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center swimming pool project site, marking the 2022 19th Asian Games venues and facilities officially opened The prelude to preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games entered a new phase.

In the project plan, more than 30 venues of Hangzhou are announced to the public, including 5 newly built venues, 7 renewal venues, 12 venues for promotion and 7 temporary venues. The reporter found in the "Plan" As one of the 12 promotion venues, Hangzhou Chess Games will host the competitions of three Asian Games events: Go, Chinese Chess and Chess. This means that Go and Chinese chess were completely rejected after entering Guangzhou for the first time seven years ago. Will be 5 years later returned to the Asian Games big family.