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Junior chess players most likely to make the four big mistakes, novice must see!

- Nov 08, 2017 -

One error: like to start the study but ignores the mess learning

Learn to play chess, we must first learn the mess. Nowadays, people learn to play chess, and in accordance with the general logic, they will first choose to start the game first. Just like many chess coaches nowadays, they will teach chess players to start or even shortcuts to teach the current popular layout and find some flying knives Spectrum specifically to deal with the game, this can only win a moment, did not really learn home.

Error two: learning does not understand, rote

This error is very common in learning to start, rote, do not understand also forced to write down, and even a player every day forced himself to recite a super big game 10, but even if you do not understand the big game back, you are the same What skills did not learn, this is tedious effort ah.

Wrong three chess, readily chess, less complex, less thinking.

The chess player in a world of 50, or even overnight; some chess players do not think chess, a second. If the chess is likened to a test paper, you write a paper all do not correct, stop writing, then you make the wrong question next time you run into the same problem you will be wrong, your academic record Can you improve? So you only correct this mistake to learn better grades.

Wrong 4: dare not and master chess, fear of losing chess

This shows that your ability to resist frustration is not enough, lost what to fear, lost chess is the minimum cost of failure, you did not lose anything, so lose no face loss, on the contrary you learned chess skills. For example, if Xu Yinchuan accompany you to practice losing you will feel sad? You must be very happy, because you learned the knowledge.