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Learning chess makes you different

- Nov 08, 2017 -

FMAlisa_Melekhina, a national figure master who graduated from Penn School of Law in the United States, came to the conclusion that chess can enhance her studies and resumes. The summary is as follows:

One is critical thinking

This is the basic skill that every chess player who has learned chess has. Critical thinking, including the use of logic, analogy and reasonable guesswork for analysis and reflection. Chess Strengthens critical thinking skills: Every stage of chess requires tactical calculations and assessments of variations, and when opponents make new moves, you need to adapt yourself to the new situation.

Second, the ability to solve problems

Not only problem solving skills. Chess needs imagination, imagining the location of various seeds, exploiting weaknesses in opponents, and turning predominance into win chess, all of which manifest themselves as problem-solving skills. This skill is particularly suitable for consulting and legal work.

Third, decision-making ability

This ability is closely related to problem solving skills, but more subtle. This is the sum of the skills that a player accumulates in participating in the competition. For example, a decisive decision needs to be made in all possible variations, taking into account various cognitive elements, understanding best practices, and making decisions . It is not enough to be able to see forward a few moves, not chess players. A good player needs scientific calculations and quickly finds the best practices in many variations, decisively making decisions. Many occupations, including business negotiations, require a down-to-earth strategy and policy formulation that requires skillful use of this capacity.

Fourth, time management skills

Anyone who has experienced time panics knows the importance of effectively using and managing time in the game. The difference between masters and hobbyists is the ability to make calculations and make decisions quickly. Given enough time, a weak hand can defeat a strong hand with a specific variant. Managing time means knowing when to walk around known variations, spending less time and leaving more time to use at a critical time. There is a management time issue no matter what the job, which needs to be done by the deadline. Chess has a unique role to play in this ability.

Fifth, cross-cultural understanding of communication skills

Chess is an international intellectual movement. Participate in the chess game, you can travel around the world, meet different national, ethnic, racial, religious men and women chess players, you will inevitably communicate with players of different civilizations, if you are a caring person, this Will help you to deepen the understanding of customs and cultures of all countries.