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North Korea chess

- Nov 08, 2017 -

North Korean chess popular among Korean compatriots, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Jilin Province held regular competition every year. There is sufficient evidence that North Korean chess sources and Chinese chess were widely prevalent in the Korean Peninsula during the Ming Dynasty in China. North Korean chess board and chess pieces and Chinese chess exactly the same, the outcome of the same rules. But cloth is different from Chinese chess. One is to push the front one step forward, respectively, located in the center of the nine-officer; the second is a soldier, soldier moved to two; the third is with the moving side of the soldiers, pawn the same side of the horse, phase or horse, like each other Change position. North Korean chess moves the way compared with Chinese chess, in addition to cars, horses go the same way, the other chess moves the following differences:

① will, handsome, Shi, Shi Shi go the same way, are not allowed to leave the Jiugong, you can walk along a straight line or line 1 step.

② like and take the 3x2 rectangle diagonal, equal to the first straight 1 step, and then to the front of the word grid diagonal walked. Do not like the foot of the chess there are 2 places, straight line 1 step Wada word grid at the center, only these two are no other pawn to walk. In addition, the elephant or phase can cross the river, you can walk all the chessboard chess.

③ gun is not allowed to eat guns. Cannon to eat other chess pieces with ordinary chess the same, every 1 eat jump, eat the chess pieces to the goal chess. At the same time also stipulates that the artillery can not eat or do not want to eat when the child, walking and eating the same time, that is, every child must go straight, distance is not limited.

④ soldiers regardless of whether the river has been rampant or forward, but are not allowed to back down.