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Poker Talk: How does chess and poker look like?

- Nov 08, 2017 -

People who know chess and poker know that the two have so many similarities that many chess players make a mid-career move and are successful. Martin Stazko, the runner-up to the 2011 WSOP Main Event, was a game player who said that all the technical skills that Chess has given him put him on the table. Top player Jeff Sawyer is also a chess player and a formidable chess player, finalists for many WSOP and major poker tournaments, including the European Poker Tour. This allows us to start thinking about the connection between chess and poker and why chess players are the top players. Is it really easy for the players to play poker? We can learn about one or two from the following. Similar Learning A good player is learning all the time, and they use a variety of techniques to improve their playing skills.

During the event, they read relevant books, analyze their own and others' hands, constantly sum up mistakes made and learn from others. This is also the most fundamental difference between professional players and amateurs. A good chess player asks for himself, and if he wants to improve on chess, he will only work hard behind his back.

This process needs to countless day and night to pile up, the so-called frozen three feet non-day cold, which is why one of the reasons why players can easily play poker, because their learning aisles are similar.