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Three chess game

- Nov 08, 2017 -

The chess game in the Three Kingdoms is a widely distributed three-person chess game, with chess as a manifestation, which simulates the historical situation of alliance and confrontation between Wei and Shu in the Three Kingdoms era. Three players represent Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, attack each other, and ultimately defeat the two dominate the world. Chess moves roughly the same way as Chinese chess, except that the "horse" has no "crafty" restrictions and reinforces the role of ancient cavalry. Only the horse can align or kill Han emperor, reflecting its strategic importance. The "phase" is within its own country Take the word "Tian", but without "blocking the eye" restrictions to strengthen the defense; "soldiers" stationed in the national defense, in order to reflect the defensive role of the ancient infantry, the soldiers can walk on the defensive line, but not allowed to retreat; cross the border (Before the line of defense) can go back and forth around, each step, back up can only retreat to their national boundaries.

Three Kingdoms chess chess is more unique place through alliances and the Han Xian Di forces of rational use (relying on emperor to make princes), people fully understand the unique historical background of the Three Kingdoms era and various strategic decisions. Compared with other chess games evolved from chess, the game is more interesting and the rules are more reasonable.