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About The Origin Of Chess

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Chinese chess is the cultural treasures of the Chinese nation. It has a long history, a strong interest, and its basic rules are simple and understandable. It has enjoyed a flourishing growth for thousands of years.

First, originated in the legendary Yellow Emperor. The Northern Song dynasties make up the "Guang Xi Xi Ge Preface" said: "The play of the theater is also the battle of the Yellow Emperor, driving the beast beast, like the male of the beast also.

Second, originated in the legendary Shennong. In the Yuan dynasty, monks often read in the passage of the history of the Buddha: "Shennong uses the sun, the moon and the stars as an icon.

Three, originated in the Shun period. Legend has it that Shun's half-brother is like a man who is lazy and playful. Modern scholar of the permanent man "Sino-Indian art cause of marriage," a book said: "As a result of rebellious, Shun banned him, and fear of him lonely, so he chess game, so he had entertainment. , So chess.

Four, originated in the King of Zhou Wu cut 纣. In the Ming Dynasty, Xie Zhaoshen said: "Elephant play group" said: "Elephant play is said to be done by Zhou Wuling. That is to say, the flow of soldiers in the Warring States Period is also covered by heavy fighting at the same time."

Five, originated in the Spring and Autumn Period. The "elephant" of chess is the symbol of "symbol", but has nothing to do with animal elephant. Chess may have been produced in imitation of the Spring and Autumn period. The names of the chessmen coincide with the military system of the Spring and Autumn Period, the forthcoming, handsome, car, horse, soldier, soldier, soldier and so on.

Six, originated in the Warring States period. "Potential Class Book" contains: "Yong Men Zhou Meng Mengjun: 'Under foot Yan house, the fighting chess, but also the Warring States also.' Cover the war on state troops, so when people use the image of war as a chess.

Seven, originated in the contention period of Chu and Han. Chess board in the middle of the "Chu-ha-han sector," so many people think that this statement is more credible.