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Approached The Chess Kingdom - Russia

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Earlier that Russia was a great country, this visit Moscow and St. Petersburg, actually soon like this country. It is not developed and prosperous in the United States, is also different from the simplicity and elegance of Europe, there is no high-rise summer, and even often see rows of chimneys straight, there are many luxury cars on the street can be seen everywhere 30 Many years of classic cars, highlighting the tolerance and accumulation of the largest country in the world, see the integration of aristocratic atmosphere and the resoluteness of this nation, thought-provoking and admirable, there is no deliberate style, but it happens to form a unique Russian style .

Moscow's largest chess school

This chess school is fully funded by the government finance, including rent, all chess, teacher salaries and so on, where the chess students are free to learn, really envy.

When we came, we were in class, the classroom was very strange, the classroom was quite big, the children in front of the teacher talked about the chess game, and the children behind were playing chess, apparently arranged by the teacher, actually not interfering with each other. Children were active in class and playing chess When the focus of attention left us a very good impression.