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Chess Invented No Gunpowder, Then The Chessboard Gun Is Come From?

- Nov 08, 2017 -

First, the chess is not artillery, but stone artillery

Chess is generally artillery guns, everyone knows. The black "gun" is a stone on the left, a packet on the right, the word can not be typed out, but the word does exist.

Launching a stone gun, in fact, is a catapult. The earliest large-scale catapult fighting in Chinese history was the first World War to attack Chu in the late Warring States Period. Prior to Wang Chu breaking Chu, Qin also sent Li Xin attacked.

When Li Xin attacked the Chu State, he encountered the resistance of the famous Yan'an Army of the Chu State. Li Xin led two hundred thousand troops crossed the river, Xiang Yan prepared a lot of catapults in advance. Qin Jun crossing the river not firm, Chu's catapults began to launch, a pile of rock toward Qin. Qin scared silly one by one, Qin Jun plunged into chaos. Item swallowed troops to catch up with Li letter three days and nights, captured two barracks, killing seven General Qin, Lee defeated fled.

Second, the chess had no guns, invented artillery before adding the gun