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Chinese Chess Combat Tactics

- Nov 08, 2017 -

"The river three-thirds wide, deep wisdom." "Chess like cloth, ideas such as soldiers."

"Bing expensive, the first to enter." "Abandoned child first"

"Lost a horse, without losing a precedent," "Defend the winner to win the first child lost."

"Horse trip day, as walked the field, gun hit the mountains, the car went straight, the commander is not out of town, the pawn went to not return home."

"Killing do not hurry, steady win" "a move inadvertently, full disk are lost," "a car ten cold."

"There is no car at the bottom of the moon." "The horse has the best of the best," "Stirrup Quartet" "horse jump chain without car"

"Horse riding without chess," "short gun, fierce," "Death palace, coach stunned," "veteran horse, a top two."

"Lose chess just because of the car late" "bow car, array virtual" "Ma retreat heart, not dead also faint," "horse jumping, easy to annihilate"

"Cannon into the cold Cang, hard-Hing storms" "Lone cannon" "Cyclist blind nonsense" "High will be more dangerous"

"Death of the old meritorious" "" started the victory of the horse, the mess Ma Shengnon. "" When the first shot, Ma move "

"Put on the Sheepshelf, not afraid of Malay will"

"Lack of fear of fearlessness, missing phase fear of gun" "Lack of fear of double car"

"Like the eyes would like to prevent plug" "Ma afraid lame" "car into the land" "cannon", "stupid chaotic fly like" "no problem"

"Will avoid the exposure," "even heavy truck lying in bed with horses, the city veterans died in the fight" "car at the head, horse hang angle, the veteran can not live"

"The little soldier sitting in the lobby, the general manager does not live long" "View no real gentleman" "Give no regrets big husband"