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Do Not Give Up Easily Learn Chess, Chess Influence On Children Far Beyond Your Imagination!

- Nov 08, 2017 -

1, chess children high overall quality

To stop and play chess carefully will concentrate the child's attention. A careful observation of the distribution of children's forces between the enemy and my husband will promote the child's insight. The use of learned tricks at any time will promote the child's memory. Designing and building the world in your heart on the board encourages your child's imagination to be rich.

2, learn chess children smarter

A lot of statistics show that learning chess children smarter than other ordinary children, this is actually very easy to explain. Learning chess can cultivate children's computing ability and make children contact with complicated calculation earlier. Learning chess can cultivate children's logical thinking ability, let children learn to predict results by reasoning earlier, and chess can cultivate children's memory and play chess A lot of knowledge in the child's memory can make the mind as an added lubricant.

3, learn chess children have self-cultivation

In ancient China, there is a saying of "poetry and calligraphy and painting, brilliant woman". For thousands of years, playing chess and music, calligraphy, painting, as people cultivate sentiment, strengthen compulsory courses. A lot of cultural connotations in chess, etiquette habits can make children become knowledgeable, gentle.

4, learning chess good friends

Children in the process of learning chess, the inevitable exchange of the Council, thus increasing the child's social opportunities. At the same time, because of their common interests and hobbies, the children will soon establish a friendship and long-term friendship.

5, learn the chess child clear picture

Learn chess can improve and improve the child's ability to judge, so that children know how to choose; learning chess can exercise the child's overall situation, so that children know how to build high school; learning chess allows children to develop a comprehensive plan to think about the overall habit of thinking; chess allows children Develop a meticulous behavioral habit of implementing the plan step by step; learning chess can also make children understand strong and weak, because of the relationship with the result, thus forming the habit of acting according to the objective laws of things.

6, learning chess children strong will

The direct outcome of the game allows chess has the best setback training function, it will cultivate the child is not determined to win the perseverance of the character, so that children's ability to improve anti-frustration, the victory can improve children's self-confidence, let Children in the community, families, schools and other environments with good coordination and self-reliance; chess will always fail, failure can allow children to receive setback education, so as to improve children's psychological quality.

7, learn chess child homework is good

According to experts and experts at home and abroad after the experiment reached the same conclusion: children learn chess has a significant role in promoting academic performance, more comprehensively enhance the overall quality of children.

8, learn chess children to school, employment opportunities

At the 2004 World University Presidents Forum, the president of Harvard University disclosed an "inside story": In 2003, Harvard University rejected 46 college entrance exams in various provinces and cities in China. The reason for this is that most prestigious universities in the United States pay attention to specialty talents and admit freshmen in five grades. Preferred is the best sports talent and a field of top talent, excellent academic performance is the last grade.