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Mongolian Chess - A Collection Of Folklore Displaying The Wisdom Game

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Mongolians have many different tribes on the grasslands, and the Mongolian chess of each tribe is different. Materials made of wood carved chess pieces, there are copper pieces, porcelain pieces, silver pieces. In the carved image is also slightly different, and folk culture has a close relationship. Mongolia chess is a collection of nationality, fun, knowledgeable, open, competitive, popular, artistic as one of the entertainment. Mongolian chess is not as famous as wrestling, archery and horse racing as a nationally unique athletic activity, but is much loved by chess enthusiasts.

When collecting Mongolian chess, the pawn's material is very important. Chess pieces made of good material can increase the value of chess collection. It is noteworthy that pawn and chessboard should be matched to avoid the appearance of old chess pieces with new chessboards or old chessboards with new chess pieces, which will reduce its collection value. At the same time, whether the shape of pawns is very stylized, whether the carvings are exquisite or not is also an important measure of the value of a pawn.