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More Than A Thousand Hong Kong Primary And Secondary School Chess Artificial Intelligence Game

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Hong Kong "AI (AI) Thousand Thousands Meeting" was held on the 27th at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Wanchai, Hong Kong. About 1,000 Hong Kong primary and middle school students chess with the Chinese chess AI system and challenged "the most people at the same time with Chinese chess Intelligent system chess "world record. Finally, Li Ziyi, winner of Renji Hospital Liang Ci Bo Memorial High School, won the championship over artificial intelligence.

In order to promote and popularize the information technology for Hong Kong young people and especially the development and application of universal artificial intelligence, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government hosted the AI Thousand and Thousand Yuan Meeting to inspire students' interest in innovation and technology. This is also the celebration Hong Kong's 20th Anniversary of Commemoration.

Li Ziyi finished the first round with 3 minutes and 38 seconds and finished the second round with 1 minute and 24 seconds, defeating the AI chess system.

He said that the key to playing chess with artificial intelligence is to figure out how many things it does and how to deal with it after mastered the law. He still prefer to play with people. "Playing chess with people allows you to guess the opponent's mental activity by looking at the person's expression and demeanor, and playing chess with AI is less of a pleasure."