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Playing Chess Gestures Is Very Important! Interpret Chess Rules For You

- Nov 08, 2017 -

1. The concept of the round: Both sides walked one by one, called a turn.

2. The concept of a party: the chess side to move a chess piece from one point to another point, that is one.

3. The concept of eating child: Walking a chess, if one's own pieces can go to the point where the other pieces exist, you can eat the other pieces to occupy the point.

Some chess players often chess off chess, causing unnecessary misunderstanding. Look at the standard gestures Xu master photos. Middle finger and thumb to take pieces, index finger lightly.

Just learn to play chess chess must take the chess, do not push, gently. Sit back slightly behind the body, not too close to the pawn, see the entire chess situation for the best.

If you use a finger to push chess pieces in the game, it is easy to disturb the other chess piece. Such as the referee as "chaos degree" (affect each other when used), can be ruled chess side foul, or even sentenced to negative.