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Why Chinese Chess Board As Chu River, Chinese Community? What Does It Mean?

- Nov 08, 2017 -

In the second year of the Han emperor (205 years ago), Liu Bang led the troops to the east and sent letters to GuGuan. In March, Lukwang, together with feudal associations, set 560,000 horses and killed Chu, , In one fell swoop Chu Du Pengcheng (now Xuzhou). Xiang Yu heard the news, immediately returned to the wall in Lingbi (now Anhui) and the Han launched fierce fighting. Han defeated, defeated, Liu Bang only dozens of riding guard and escaped infighting. In May, the collection of residual remnants of Shenyang, will be brought together Xiao Guan sent from Guanzhong troops to revive. Since then, Chu, Han in Shenyang has launched a four-year-long tug of war - you into my retirement, I retreat into you, repeated contention.

When the two armies confronted each other, they separated from each other by a "Chu-ha-ha-ha-ji" boundary. Both the enemy and the enemy were divided into black and red and fought for the Ninth Five-year Plan. Not according to the face ... These "rules" in the Chinese chess game may follow the cultural connotation of the war between Chu and Han.